Many people dream of being rich and not having to work anymore but have no idea what to do about it. Some buy lottery tickets in hope of winning the jackpot. Unfortunately the odds of winning are very low for the lotto player, and they are unlikely to win. Some people have won the lottery, but actually ended up worse off and poorer than before they won, as they do not know how to handle the money, and they are still in a poverty mindset. Buying lottery tickets is not a great chance to become wealthy.

Some people go into traditional business, as they do not want to work for a boss anymore but want to work for themselves. Instead of having a job, they know own a job. If they stop work the income stops. There is also the fact that most people cannot afford the average $250,000* cost to start a small business. (*Source small business association.)

What about property investment? Would investing in property create a decent passive income? How many millions of dollars would you have to invest to get a good passive rental income? For an example- a property rental return is roughly 0.001 % the value of the property per week. To receive $50 000 of rental income from property per year, or approximately $1000 a week, you would need to own outright property of value $1,000,000. Calculation: $1,000,000 X 0.001% = $1000 of rental income per week.

Some people consider working several jobs in an effort to get ahead. Unfortunately these job incomes have the most tax on them as the tax office adds the gross incomes together and then taxes the person instead of taxing each job individually.

Now what if there was a way to be paid on thousands of hours a week instead of just the 40, 50, 60+ hours an individual could possibly work? Even if you can afford a small business, and pay your employees, there is only a set amount of hours a week you can get from them-for example 3 employees working 40 hours a week, = 3 X 40 = 120 Hours a week. So your profits are limited even if you can afford to start a small traditional business. What if you could be paid on thousands of hours of work a week due to a non-traditional business structure? A business structure where every body has the same amount to gain? A structure where somebody brought into the business can make more than the person who brought him or her in does? A business structure where someone can be paid over and over (i.e. passive income) for work they have done once?

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Ben D-Simpson

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